Imam Muslim Bin AqeelAS


Amir al-Mu'minin Imām ĎAlī ibn Abī Tālib (A.S.) said:

"O people, surely there is no treasure more beneficial than knowledge, 
No glory more helpful than self-possession, 
No nobility more attainable than mannerism, 
No beauty better than intelligence, no acquaintance eviler than ignorance, No defect worse than falsehood, no guardian more preserving than silence, and 
No absent closer than death."

[Reference: Tohful Uqool, Pg No. 129 ]
Hazart Muslim ibne Aqeel (as) is first Martyred of Karbala, he was representing Imam Hussain (as) its shows that how much trust Imam have on Hazart Muslim (a).

There were Five Braves in the History of Islam, if they gathered all at one battle field, entire World cannot defeat them, they are

Imam Hussain (as)
Hazart Abbas (as) 
Mohammed e Hanifa (a)
Hazart Abdullah (a)
Hazart Muslim ibne Aqeel (a)

But in Karbala only Hazart Abbas (as) was accompanied and that too permission of war was not granted to him, because to scarifies the life in the way Almighty to protect "Deen-e-Islam" and its sad people remember the tradition of Hazart Ibrahim (as) and forgotten scarifies of Grand son of Holy Prophet (pbuh).

With martyred of Hazart Muslim (as) Moharam would have started if Ghadeer & Mubhala was not in between in this month.

Some one questioned Imam Raza (as) why you always stress uon Karbala-Karbala-Karbala----Imam Raza (as) replied, you have forgotten "Ghadeer" so we will not let you to forgot Karbala.

Get prepare, Moula Hussain (as) with his companion will be our Guest (Mahamaan), in his last sermon before the start of war at Karbala, Imam Hussain (as) said, "MERA RASAT CHOD DA, MEIN HIND KO CHALA JAONGA" leave my way I will go to Hind (India), its really honor for us.

There are much similarities between Moula Abbas (as) & Hazar Muslim (a)
Both of them are in same age group
Both of them are Braves
Both of them are trusted by Imam Hussain (as)
The verses which is used in Ziyart are same.

Hazart Muslim (a) was brother-in-law of Mouala Hussain (as) 

The last message or last words of Hazart Muslim (a) was some one go and inform Imam Hussain (as) not to come to Kufa, its shows how much Hazart Muslim (a) love Imam Hussain (as)